Please Be Normal: 2015

Staring : Sam Waterston, Louis Cancelmi, Elisabeth Waterston,  Dana Eskelson

Written by Haik Kocharian

Directed by Haik Kocharian

Produced by Anette Lewis, Karine Kocharyan, Haik Kocharian

Co-Produced by Natascha Bodemann

Cinematography by Haik Kocharian and Ori Lahav

Film Editing by Ori Lahav



Victor, a young playwright and theater director, is engrossed in the existential struggle of an artist in New York City. He and his girlfriend, Mary, are expecting a child. This domestic reality places enormous pressure on Victor and leaves him with a deep-rooted feeling of being trapped, of being forced to upend his life and conform to the needs and expectations of others, especially Mary and her father, Dad. A random encounter with Amy, a young woman in need, provides hope of an escape from the terror of conventionality. His adventure with her into the Connecticut woods is a beautiful counterpoint to the shallow banality of materialism and conformity. But is that really what he wants?